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As such, what you get from Black Dragon Meadery is as close today to what the ancients drank, though we'd argue we have more quality control than they did, using real natural ingredients (raw honey, real fruit), and natural processes to achieve maximum flavor with maximum clarity without filtration, a flavor-removing process.We believe that providing an exceptional value is as important as superior quality, so our products are packaged and priced to reflect that over our competition.

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By 2009, he was winning awards and has won 18 medals (so far), the last two being in the Commercial Division of the Michigan Mead Cup for Wylde Mead 3 months after getting on the market in 2015!I’ve been doing business seminars in Europe and Asia lately, and enough of you Americans have been bugging me to do them in the US as well. Next month, September, in Philadelphia, I will do the most comprehensive, full-blown Alpha 2.0 business seminar I’ve ever done in my life,…As you drive past the pictographs, the wash becomes wider and consist more of sand.After you leave the canyon and exit the wash, there will be a short drive to the end in an open desert dirt road.Black Dragon Meadery produces the traditional and the unique, the meads of our award-winning Meadmaster.


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